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Everything for the Equestrian Coach Post COVID-19.


If you are planning for post COVID-19 then this 4 week plan of action will get you in your community, sharing, learning and getting you ready, for more clients, helping more horses.


This is one small way I can help.


Bringing us together, sharing our knowledge, strategies and support to help our clients right now, to help more horses. 


Throughout April I am hosting small groups of coaches in my zoom meeting room. 

10 or less, for one hour.


I will take you, along with 9 others navigating this climate and share what our future coaching landscape will be.


From keeping you and your clients safe, to stepping up and leading your community,  engaging in the best communication tools, to keeping connected with your clients and their horses. Plus heaps more.


EVERY weekday throughout April.


Because we are all isolating. Or should be. 


I have the zoom room and will manage each of the discussions.


Doing the right thing now, being better post Covid-19





The Equestrian Coach Challenge

  • You might fit two or more, so decide which YOU think will be your best fit.  If you qualify for more than one group, AND there is space, you can change groups after week 1. 


    1. ESI Coach

    2. BHS Coach

    3. EA Coach 

    4. Misc. (this is for non qualified coach's who want to help more horses and stay connected at this time; lecturers, scientists, horse lovers, competitors, government workers)

    Please state which you prefer to join by email return to your confirmation email. Thank you.

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