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Equitation Science International UK 

Providing evidence based horse & rider education through equine workshops, clinics & lessons 

Equitation Science International 

Equitation Science International (RTO TOID 41254) is internationally recognised as the first accredited training centre dedicated to improving horse training using an evidence-based and ethical approach.

Established in 2013 at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre in Clonbinane, Australia, Equitation Science International offers qualifications in equitation science, a new and exciting field for horse handlers, trainers and coaches. First developed by Dr Andrew McLean, Equitation Science International and its graduates are paving the way for a more modern and ethical approach to horse training and coaching that can be easily understood and applied by both horse professionals and enthusiasts.

“Equitation science is an extremely exciting new field, changing the traditional methods of horse training to a clear, ethical and systematic approach.”  -Dr Andrew McLean.

"Equitation science provides a refreshingly clear and horse-centred approach to understanding how horses interact with humans on the ground and in the saddle."  -Prof Paul McGreevy ~ University of Sydney.

2018 Dr Andrew McLean 

Dr Andrew McLean is visiting the UK in September 2018, following the ISES Rome, Italy conference. 

Enjoy an exclusive day with Dr Andrew McLean on Saturday 29th September 2018.


Tickets are booked through Eventbrite, click below. 

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