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Out 1st July 2020 


21st Century Roadmap for Equestrian Coaches


Lisa Ashton


The essential ebook for equestrian coaches.


Why and how to navigate the 21st century through the social licence to operate framework.

Never before have coaches needed to understand the qualities required to earn a social licence, from inside and outside of equestrian sports.

This book deep dives into advocating for horses on and off-line, giving coaches a

'tool kit' to earn social approval.

Here's How:

  • The author's radical roadmap details how to show up for the horse, gifting horses not just a life worth living, but a good life.


  • Through Social Licence to Operate (SLO) lens, learn how to earn public social approval.


  • The author's revolutionary horse welfare approach signposts coaches to future-proof horse sports via the 4 pillars of SLO.

"Lisa Ashton outstanding contribution focusses on providing a lantern in the vastness of the ocean's darkness to help guide us to toward the safe haven of sustainability by imploring us to think and reflect. It is up to us to think about the future of our life with horses and how we can do better in all sports, disciplines, and activities."

Dr Andrew McLean PhD

Foreward 2020

"If you want a recharge, or to hit the refresh button on how you ‘see’ your coaching life (or other horse-centred leadership roles), reading this book can help to kick-start your journey...this book will take you on a journey to a place where it is OK to discover, inquire, be curious, reflect and explore your world through the lens of social licence, and most of all, to be confident to ‘show up’ for the horse."

Julie Fiedler MComm

Preface 2020


Horses & People Magazine 1st July 2020

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