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Equitation science is taking incredible steps forward, both for horses and people – but what happens when we understand and apply teaming?


Old formula equestrian coaching is not a fit for today’s knowledge economy, or the future of horse sports. We are shifting into gear applying new knowledge and practices in; positive & negative mental states; prediction errors; learning theory; social licensing, rider position training; bridle & saddle design & fit and smart technologies.  


Today’s expert is not tomorrow’s expert without having the agility to learn, innovate and grow. Coaches applying a teaming mindset are making a real differences to people; influencing and changing the lived experience of horses 


By teaming, coaches make developments in equitation science, that actually impact the lived experience of horses. 




Following the hugely successful Social Licensing for Equestrian Coaches in 2020, 

short listed for UK Coaching Hero Award, Lisa is waving a fond farewell to 2021 with two, two-hour LIVE TEAMING Events.


By understanding the TEAMING process you will be ready to create a climate for Teaming to thrive. Poised to innovate and compete in the advancing equestrian economy. 




Over two social webinars, Lisa is sharing her knowledge of cutting-edge research for 21st century coaches to succeed.  How do you know if you fit a social webinar?

  • If you’re curious to learn about Teaming 
  • Willing to breakout on toTeaming Tables to connect and collaborate with coaches from around the world 
  • Motivated to contribute and create new insights for equestrian coaches to succeed in business, elevating horse and client relationships. 


Our agility to collaborate, flatten hierarchies and explore innovation across disciplines is today and tomorrow's world.


Join Lisa as she leans into teaming, giving 21st century equestrian coaches the skills for a successful 2022 and beyond. 


Wed 8 December 

Session 1: BST 8-10am AUS 7-9pm


Session 2: BST 6-8pm  EST 1pm -3pm   


TEAMING:  Social Webinar 

In the first social webinar you will know what TEAMING is, why it impacts horse welfare, exploring with co-participants the three boundaries to teaming and the equestrian climates applying soloutions to effectively team across these boundaries.


  • Translating Teaming}  Stage Speaker Lisa Ashton 
  • Teaming Boundaries} Social Lounge: Teaming Tables
  • Teaming Across Boundaries} Stage Speaker Lisa Ashton AND Social Lounge: Teaming Tables


LEADING & TEAMING:  Social Webinar

Wed 22 December

Session 1: BST 8-10am AUS 7-9pm


Session 2: BST 6-8pm  EST 1pm -3pm  


This is the second social webinar as participants practice applying TEAMING from social webinar 1, collaborating and learning from diverse perspectives and explore the why, when and how leading teaming works in equestrian climates:


  • Best Practices}  Stage Speaker Lisa Ashton 
  • Teaming In Equestrian Climates} Stage Speaker Lisa Ashton & Gillian Keegan 
  • Leading Teaming in Equestrianism} Stage Speaker Lisa Ashton AND Social Lounge: Teaming Tables


Q. Who are the Social Webinars for?

Coaches from around the world seeking to stay relevant in 2022.


PLUS If you are an owner/rider hungry to understand better the teaming triad; rider, horse, coach Teaming Social Webinars are also for you.  The only criteria to join us, is you come as your true self, being seen, heard and valued for being you.


What Tech Platform are the Social Webinars In?

Social Webinars are all hosted in Airmeet.


Q. How do I join the Social Webinars?

On purchase from this shop,  you will receive a PDF in your email (check your spam folder) with Airmeet joining details for each Social Webinar. On each date you have two opportunities to join: 

BST 8am (1) OR 6pm (2) Remember to only select one. Check your timezone. 


8th Dec:  Teaming 1 or Teaming 2 (check your time zones)  Click on HERE for the  webinar you can join.  Register before the 8th Dec in Airmeet. 


Webinar 22nd Dec: Leading Teaming 1 or 2 Click on the link for the webinar you can join. Register before the 22nd Dec  in Airmeet.

Q. I can't make the Social Webinars Live, can I watch the recording?

Yes. The interactive social lounge is not recorded, all stage sessions are recorded and can be viewed post event on purchase of the Social Webinars.  


  • *****. Video how to register for an Aimeet Event******

    Please watch before the 8th December

    Join tables: Tables will have labels on top to signal and inform participants about the conversations happening on specific tables. Your meeting virtual table has four seats as this has been researched to have the most engaging conversations with each other.  Once you decide which table you’d like to be seated at, select the “Take a seat” button below the table. If you want to leave the conversation, say bye to the table participants, and click on the “Leave the table” button in the bottom right.

    View profiles: Click on the display picture of any participant to view their participant profiles.


    Table chat: You can interact with the other members seated at the table. You can also have a private table chat. Anyone that joins the table will be able to view this chat in the bottom control bar.

    Raise Hand: If you want to interact with the speaker and the host, you can choose to do so by selecting the “Raise hand” button in the stage’s bottom control bar. If the host accepts your request, you’ll share the stage with the speaker and be visible to all participants.

    Invite to the stage: The host can invite an attendee to the stage as a speaker. In this case, you will receive a request to become a speaker, and you have complete freedom to “Accept” or “Reject” such requests.

    You can also “Upvote” a question already asked to help hosts pick up questions based on the popularity.

    React with Emojis: You can quickly react and offer motivation or applause to the speaker using emojis. Feel free to show your love and appreciation during a virtual event.

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