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"Soft Hands are quality products I use to help my clients be the change for their horse.

The Core Stability strap recruits your core helping you train muscle memory for an independent position.


The Free Ride strap 8mm complements my knowledge of learning theory and retrain horse's with a heavy or delayed stop response.

Email me for your unique Equicoach DISCOUNT code"

Lisa Ashton

Core Stability Strap 

Lisa recommends the Soft Hands Equine Core Stability strap to develop an independent seat

This strap gives you the 'tool' in your training toolkit to be the change your horse needs - improve your stability and give clear cues to your horse.

Be the change your horse needs

Free Ride Strap 

Thinking of riding bridleless?


Use with your current communication system (bitted, Bitless) in the beginning and with correct use of operant and classical conditioning, train your horse to respond from the lightest neck strap pressure only

Be the change your horse needs

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