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A two week challenge to deep dive into Social Licence To Operate for Equestrian Coaches.

Monday 16th November - Friday 27th November 

BST 10am -12pm 

Zoom room (wifi connection, otherwise you can still do the challenge via the recordings)

Daily Challenge: Talk + Discussions + Challenge 

£50 per person

(can stagger payment, message

Week 1: Legitimacy & Transparency 

Monday   What We Know Matters 

Tuesday   Who We Are Matters More 

Wednesday Rider-Horse-Coach Relationships 

Thursday  Story Over Supremacy

Friday From Surviving To Thriving: Open Discussions

Week 2: Communication & Trust  

Monday The Online Space: How to use optimally 

Tuesday Language & Future Proofing Horse Sports

Wednesday Facedown Moments 

Thursday  Collaboration Over Competition 

Friday  From Surviving To Thriving: Open Discussions on two week challenges 

Is this challenge for you?

If you are looking to improve your coaching, lead horse welfare and support your clients in Covid-19 then The Equestrian Coaches Challenge II (ECC II) is for you. 


Coaching Challenge II In Covid-19
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