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Horse Welfare From Inside Out is an ebook, PDF version, for equestrian coaches to learn the why, what and how of social licensing  (SLO) earning social approval and future proofing horse sports.


The book is divided into four parts, the criteria to social licencing:


  • Legitimacy
  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Trust


Take a deep dive into each criteira or pillar of SLO, exploring how coaches show up and advocate for horses. We are all responsible for cultivating our social licence in horse sports, this is your roadmap to navigate the 21st century. 




Claire, UK


"Thank you for writing Horse Welfare From Inside Out 



I have a confession to make...I bought, read and enjoyed your book, but I am not a coach! 


My husband and I are lucky to now have two horses (plus dogs and chickens).  When I was furloughed in April I signed up for TOCES equine behavioural science course (so I guess I kind of am a student again temporarily).  


This has led on to me having more time to research and explore and really enjoying this element of the horsey world that I hadn’t found so many of before - I have attended uk, Australian and USA webinars 👍👍


I guess I would therefore say that your book, would not only be interesting for students but also owners and riders."


RS Equine, UK:


"I did the Equestrian Coach Challenge with Lisa over the initial stages of lockdown, and loved it, so of course I was going to take a good look at the book.

From start to finish it was fabulous, a great reminder of everything we went through over the 4 weeks, and a good prod to do the little things I forgot about! Really refreshed my brain on the Social License to Operate and what I should really be doing to show up better for clients, myself, my business and most importantly for horses.

The whole process start to finish really made me think about what I do, why I do it and what I really value! 

For those who missed the ECC when Lisa did it, this is your opportunity - don’t miss it, it’s worth it, and you will thank yourself later 👌🏻."


Lisa Ashton's book 'Horse Welfare From The Inside Out' is an absolute must read for all equestrian coaches. It walks the reader through the subject of Social License within equestrianism and hammers home the fact that equine welfare has to be at the forefront of everything we do. Failure to do so risks public opinion turning against horse sports - and we are already seeing evidence of this.


I would also recommend to horse owners and riders too - it will give you the courage to question your coach should they advocate methods that you don't feel benefit you and your horse and the ability to turn the lens on yourself and how you show up to support your horse and fellow equestrians.


It's an accessible and eye opening read - I was lucky enough to be part of Lisa's Equestrian Coach Challenge which was a precursor to the book, and I loved every second 😃


Be curious, be kind and be prepared to view the horse world through different coloured lenses - what have you got to lose?"



Pam Reid, Australia 


"Would the future you thank the current you" what a great question and I must say - the future you will thank you for reading this e-Book! The tasks throughout get you reflecting on your values and question if you put them into practice in your everyday interactions. How do you 'show up' for horses? 'Doing less but better' = brilliant! Some real practical tips on how to coach to the best of your abilities in today's to use social media, how to be open and vulnerable and how to notice and challenge shame. Before, I was the coach who said yes to everything with no boundaries in place. This has definitely helped me not be afraid to be accountable, legitimate, communicate my ideas and trust myself and others. Thank you, Lisa Ashton , for helping me grow and learn ❤️ "



Chris Brooks, UK 


“If you think coaching is just about imparting technical skills this book will make you think again.  It will enrich you as a person, enhance you as a coach and make you a true advocate of the horse.  It is one that I will return to time and time again.  Thank you Lisa Ashton for this inspirational piece of work”


Lindsay Wilcox-Reid:


"Wow... if you’re an equestrian coach, or coach anything, or a person who’s passionate about horses and horse welfare, or a horsey person who feels like sometimes your own shit gets in the way of becoming the rider your horse would choose, read the book. Please, read the book! You can thank me later 😉"






Horse Welfare From Inside Out

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