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Are You an Agent of Change?

It's 2020 and I predict the start of the era:


Lightness in Horse Training.

Because being the change our horses need is building a movement. 

Applying evidence based knowledge to help horses feel good is growing.


Applying the science of how horses learn to improve performance and results is growing horse by horse, day by day. 


If you want your legacy to be helping more horses feel good in 2020 then join


The Legacy Club

I value face to face connections. I value online communities, AND human-to-human connection, supporting each other in applying the latest how horses learn is enriching for both horse lovers and horses. 


Always after an Equitation Science clinic, Agents of Change bring together curious and practising equitation scientists to discuss, support and be the change our horses need.

If you think you have the passion to do this or the venue, or both, apply to become an Equicoach agent of change in 2020. 


This is your legacy to your horse


Because TOGETHER we will change how horses feel  


To apply read The Legacy Club document here  

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