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7 Year Itch: All change!

Welcome to my new website.

I have fused EquiSci and Equicoach.Life so I can improve your experience with greater clarity and simplicity in one educational website... EquiSciCoach coming soon!

If you have followed me near or far over the past 7 years you know how far I have travelled and how my work has evolved from; clinics to colleges, charities to an Italian academy - achieving my purpose - train people to train horses via Equitation Science.

So offering one-to-one coaching to optimise performance gave birth to in 2016 and initiated my movement to...

be the change our horses need

By developing I knew I wanted to bring together horse lovers so I created my Manifesto and launched it at the BHS Welfare Conference along with my 10 Horse Training Truths. If you wish to receive a copy click here. As I shared the 'Fundamentals in Horse Training' with progressive thinkers, on my return I decided to create a 'safe space' for horse lovers to be the change our horses need. Facebook group

Coffee With Horse Lovers

facilitates a community of like minded horse lovers where we share evidence-based knowledge to help more horses.

Head over to Facebook now and request to join one of the fastest growing equestrian FB groups today.

If you are wondering how to help more horses or would like to do what I do, come and join my inner circle - Espresso With Equicoach.

This is my membership subscription where I invest in your learning and progress your knowledge, skills and mindset in just a few short weeks. If you've ever wanted to shadow my coaching or review the latest in Equitation Science (via weekly Webinars) or simply get your questions answered clearly in a live, safe event (if you ca't make it, watch the recording anytime to suit your busy schedule) every Friday at 5pm, plus lots. lots more to upgrade your training and performance. Don't take my word of it though, click here to hear what members say.

For less than the price of a lesson, prioritise you to be the best for your horse. How? With the help and support of a gorgeous team of horse lovers, receive the support your need to explore your abilities, challenging your limitations and being the best you for your horse.

Throughout July get 24hrs Free!

What's not to love?

Lisa x

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