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The Gift of Change

Many of you know I really struggle with Christmas.

I have not always felt this way, as I age I find myself feeling the disconnect between my values and actions versus those society place during the Christmas period.

I am no grinch. I do value quality time with my family and friends over the Christmas holidays. But I do struggle with the modern construct of Christmas.

For one day every year we show our family and friends how much they mean to us through gifts, food, drink and TV.

Personally I enjoy, love and support my family.


For me, living is experiencing the highs and lows of life, valuing every day I wake up with my health; physically and mentally - a gift not all my family and friends get to receive.

Symbolic of love, family and compassion, Christmas today feels more and more indulgent, excessive, and extravagant. The opposite of my hard- working family values and the value of gifting the potential to change. Through a smile. A compliment. A kind word valuing those you care and love in your life.

The gift of making others feel good is the value I place on Christmas in my life.

Being true to my values I am gifting you my time to support you and your horse to be the change your horse needs.

On Black Friday you can purchase one month Espresso with Equicoach (my coaching) membership for just £20. £10 less than normal.

I give you this gift, to help more horses.

For you to be the trainer your horse needs.

Purchase your membership on 23rd November and show your horse mad friends, lover or spouse this Christmas how much you value them, with a gift of change.

Click HERE to purchase.

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