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Progress Over Perfection

As your busy writing your 2019 goals and New Year's resolutions, I want to share what I have learnt about goal setting - helping you, to help your horse/s.

Perhaps you are one of the less than 10% who will still be on point with your resolutions by 31 December 2019? How will you know? Look at your previous behaviour. Or maybe you know you will have stopped the detox/alcohol at weekends only/Couch to 5K/Piilates 3 x a week by February 2019, along with the 40% of all who declare at midnight tonight to "Be the Change" with all the motivation and commitment of an olympic athlete.

Week 1 28% stopped the change

Week 2 32%

1 Month 40%

6 Months 55%

1 Year Less than 10% are still on track with the goal (90.8% have failed)

So what actually happens to most of us?

Why does having all the motivation and commitment of an Olympian, as the clock strikes midnight tonight, do we not achieve our goals?

Why does setting goals NOT work?

Yes you have specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART) goals - but getting fit for your horse in 2019 has no deep emotional connection.

In 2019, work on WHO you want to be. Decide the daily actions that take you closer to who you want to be, and you won't need your alarm to wake you as you get your Couch to 5K done. You will be doing the daily actions that serve WHO you want to be.

Progress Over Perfection

So tonight, as the majority of your friends start and stop their New Year resolutions or never implement in the first place, think about WHO you want to become.

The only way I create REAL - long lasting - change in riders is to work on them with their mindset.

It was only through the conversations I created real change.

This is because of one simple truth...

Mindset is the foundation of ALL success.

It dictates the actions you take and those you don’t.

Change your mindset change your outcome.

"It worked! As in I developed a more positive mind set to my riding life and life in general. I believe this was due to the support and focus that came from Lisa's hot seats.

I have been on several sports psychology workshops and read extensively on the subject. However I found the focus that the course brings and the support of Lisa and my fellow participants helped me past just knowing this stuff, to doing and even embedding some valuable techniques."

Christine Brooks, UK

December HTWL 2018

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Being The Change Our Horses Need

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