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Day 3 UK Coaching Week: Communities Our Coaches Support

As we reach the half way stage of the 2020 UK Coaching Week, today is all about #GreatCoaching coupled to the impact great coaches have on communities.

We all know this. But very rarely do we take time out of our busy lives to appreciate the work all coaches do in our communities.

So Wednesday 16th September is all about my appreciation for THE most important coach in my life.

Dr Andrew McLean.

As practical as he is academic.

More than my coach, Andrew is my friend.

My mentor and fecking awesome human, I am so grateful for our connection, despite living on the other side of the world! Andrew has always been so generous with his time, knowledge and humanness, to all who want to 'know better, do better.' Being coached by Andrew literally changed the path my life was travelling along...

Impacting my clients lives and their horses lives.

How does Andrew do this?

By influencing equestrian communities.

Coaching people to train horses.

Today was no exception.

As my 5am alarm pinged this morning, I literally jumped out to make my favourite coffee and sit outside to feel the sun rise to compile my thoughts for the day and on the latest in equitation science peer reviewed paper published on the 9th September 2020

In my Facebook community - a safe space for like minded equestrians be the change our horses need - Coffee With Horse Lovers I hosted a live 'Ask The Expert' with Andrew to share his latest co-authored paper - Sensory Abilities of Horses and Their Importance of Equitation Science

For an hour we discussed as a community, the challenges and solutions we face in helping more horses by shining a light on welfare-friendly practices, as signposted in the Sensory paper.

To watch the full Q & A come and join us in

Coffee With Horse Lovers

A community I know that will fit you if you have a love of:

a) horses

b) people

c) coffee

d) All of the above!

See you on the inside of CWHL




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