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Craic-ing Good Times

Dublin Horse Show 2019

Having sat firmly on our 'bucket list' since Mum and I attended the International Society for Equitation Science Conference in Dublin 2008 - allegedly the only ISES conference to run on time courtesy of the brilliant Irish Equitation Scientist Dr Jack Murphy - now more than a decade ago - we landed early Wednesday, going straight to the Royal Dublin Society to max out on the Irish craic! We were instantly met by quality young performance horses, lots! And friendliness. The Irish know how to make people feel great! Even before we started on the black stuff (Guinness) we struggled to think of a horse show, 3DE, WEG or Olympic Games to rival this unique eclectic equestrian experience.

Thursday 8th August celebrated 100 years since the first ever woman to compete in a class, acknowledging female riders, naming the Thursday of the 5 day show - Ladies Day.


Dedicated to femininity, over 350 gorgeous ladies being judged, I thought you all looked fecking fabulous! Sophisticated and playful, outrageous and elegant, ladies you sparkled in both looks and laugher. Ascot ladies have a lot to learn from the Irish - friendly, fun and fabulous - in my opinion! Thank you to al the ladies for giving us a totally unique feast of feminity and different...

- Vibrant AND elegant ladies

- Different AND talented young horses

- Ladies VERSUS Men show jumping competition - yes the girls did beat the boys!

- Learning AND Socialising

The only horse show I have experienced embraces different, with warmth and passion for horses.

"It is as good, if not better than Riverdance!"

Irishman in the hotel

For me an equestrian event is always an exciting opportunity to connect and feel connected to horse lovers. Sadly I am not attending this years International Society for Equitation Science conference in Guelph, Canada next week, big love to all my friends and horse lovers, I will miss you. So catching up with that

familiar 'bottle of your favourite wine' - not 'enjoyed' for 11 years, Jack, you epitomise the Irish flair and fun we always have together - not a squeeze box in sight! ;-)

Dublin Horse Show you are the craic.

A truly amazing experience I highly recommend - you may have been ticked off my list - but you've got under my skin!

As the saying goes..

We'll be back!

Past & Present

I am so gutted to be missing the inauguration next week of my great friend, Dr Orla Doherty as ISES President. Orla and I managed to squeeze in a short gorgeous time together. Just like old times, chatting and laughing away- about everything! I just want to say to you my friend...

In this rapidly changing landscape for horses (social licence to operate) I cannot think of anyone more equipped and capable to not only lead ISES through new, possibly choppy and most definitely 'muddy' waters, but Orla, you are the person who, through your kindness take horse lovers with you, giving horses a life worth living. Calm, determined and relentless, your unique mix of kindness and resilience make you our horses choice. Thank you for leading our growing society dedicated to improving horse welfare, your calm courage helps us all improve and grow, helping more horses.

You are the change our horse need.

Lisa xxx


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