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From Inside Out

Today is the start of UK Coaching Week, a week in the UK we celebrate coaches.

If you have read my ebook Horse Welfare From Inside Out you know how important 'walking the talk' is to me. I coach people to train horses. Creative horse trainers, made by Equitation Science. It is important to my core values we find the wins in life, every day. Why? It literally changes the wiring in our brain, altering our lens on how we see the world. As Henry Ford famously said; "If you think you can, or think you can't - you are right."

People change lives. From the inside out, coaches transform horses by changing the lives of horse lovers. From the inside out.

What I have learned from Cricket Coaches?

For the past 52 weeks my son, aged 9 yrs, has been coached weekly by what I can only describe as a 'making a difference' Coaching Team. Led by the Staffordshire county coach for Under 10's, Matt has taught my son more than expanding his bowling and batting bandwidth, my mindset has been upgraded. Matt and his team of coaches have literally transformed our family (ok mostly me!) I have moved from a good day feeling neutral about cricket to - dare I say it - aversive. I simply didn't know what I did't know. Then along came Matt. His coaching and that of his team, throughout the winter and Covid has simply up-skilled my son and upgraded my outlook, ignited in his coaching process, a new found passion for a sport I did't understand or have any motivation for. WIN!

So today, 14 September, day 1 of the UK Coaching Week celebrations, I want you to join me in acknowledging all our unsung coaches - from my son's hero to your equestrian coach. For giving us all greater bandwidths in a sport we love, or did't! and now do, to giving back a sense of new normal in our Covid chapter ''messy middle'.

Cricket coach Matt Cope has coached cricket, but better than that, improved my son's mental health. Connecting this family more to cricket community through his Sunday morning 1-2-1 sessions - a time in the week the whole family looks forward to.

As we all find ourselves working out our new normal, I am pledging my support for all our nations coaches - the life blood of our children's, our community and our own mental health.

For me personally as a coach, two words

As I doubled my online coaching Live Q and A's sessions from Friday Live @ 5pms to Wednesdays, throughout lockdown, I chose to show up in my long spoons parable. Giving to my members in Espresso With Equicoach, equestrian coaches in my Coaches Challenge and horses lovers in my Equitation Science Challenge. If you are a member of EWE, joined the Equitation Science Challenge or a coach on the Coaches Challenge, what were some of your wins during this time? How did online coaching increase your social contact as lockdown restrictions came and stayed in place?

Finally, let's give a shout out to all our equestrian and non equestrian coaches making a difference to all our lives. Every single day. One family at at time. One horse lover at at time. One horse at a time.

Coaches you are all the life blood of transformation. Your ability to influence change improves me and for that I am grateful to have such amazing coaches (cricket and equestrian) in my life today - THANK YOU.

You are all my Welfare & Well-being Winners of 2020.




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