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Online Coaching Celebrates Progress

Showing up online, every day for a whole year, is not for the 'flakey'!

Yet 12 months ago I decided committing every day to coaching horse lovers was the change our horses needed. Today I celebrate Espresso with Equicoach 1st Birthday - coaching online is quite literally the best thing I have ever done for my coaching. Why? Because every day I help horses. How? By coaching horse lovers in being their best, for their horse.

Since I started Espresso with Equicoach, my membership community, I have helped; professional coaches, veterinarians, breeders and horse lovers signposting 'what they don't know' in a supportive, safe place for members to grow and contribute to helping more horses...

"when we know better, we do better".

Espresso with Equicoach supports members to be the change their horse needs.

After presenting at the 2017 British Horse Society Welfare Conference I decided to set up Coffee with Horse Lovers (CWHL) a facebook free community to discuss solutions to welfare problems. On 1st April 2018 it was time to be the change - provide weekly coaching and support to be and do better, for our horses.

Members ask literally ANY question, every week.

The type and depth of questions every week is testament to coaching the most dedicated and forward thinking professionals, veterinarians and horse lovers around the world. From Australia to Italy, Ireland to Finland, my members live anywhere, all you need is the mindset to want to be the change - oh and internet access!😁

In an industry rife with shaming, micro-agression and judgement, my personal coaching philosophy and mindset running through everything in Espresso is:

Progress Over Perfection

This means all members are valued being themselves. Supported and confident their learning journey is valued. They are the change our horses need. Members are coached to navigate their own horses roadmap to a good life.

In addition to the weekly Champ Awards celebrating members progress, daily features include:

  • Webinar Wednesday

  • Meeting The Minds

  • Live @ 5pm

  • Bullshit Free Zone

  • "My horse..."

  • Mindset Mastery

  • Lisa's Lens

  • Challenge Zone

EWE is a huge and ever growing vault of knowledge, An online mastermind of resources members find easily via units, track progress whilst learning at a time that suits you and your lifestyle.

Espresso with Equicoach is a safe learning community for dedicated horse lovers like you, asking any question and being coached in the latest in equitation science -

Being the change our horse needs.

There are no joining fees.

No contract.

And I know price is a legitimate concern for some of you.

So Ive removed that barrier too.

Im giving you 50% off when you join in April

Simply because I want to help more horses

No barriers

Ready to join?

Great, just click HERE and start being the change your horse needs today.

Enter the code 'HappyBirthday' and get your first month for just £15!

What do members really think?

"EWE is a safe place to ask questions and get advice and answers that are up to date, evidence based and in the best interest of the horse."

Carol Green, UK

"A tremendous place for resources & support 😊"

Jo Rawlinson, UK

"A great place for evidence based horse training - videos , articles discussions, terrific support from all members , unlimited mentoring by Lisa Ashton and just a positive group for horse and rider . Happy birthday EWE🥂🎂🍷🍾🎉🎉🎊🎊"

Donna Baker, Australia


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