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Proactive Mental Health

World Mental Health Day is just 6 days away, so I thought it would be worthwhile discussing together all the parts of good mental health.

As you know, my coaching philosophy is to 'walk the talk'. So every day this week I will share my different and connected parts of my mental health and well-being.

Day 1 is the foundation all mental health is built upon....


The power of naps

REST aka recharging mind and body.

Rest Is Training

I am passionate about sleep. Why? Because it determines our health and performance short and long term. Take your horses sleep. What do you know? Listen to the latest sleep research from the brilliant Equitation Scientist Kym Griffin in my membership community Espresso with Equicoach as Kym explains what to look out for when your horse is sleep deprived and what we can all do to help our horses get better sleep quality.

Athletes know the value of sleep. Footballers have sleep consultants, employed to optimise quality and quantity of sleep. The premier football clubs have invested in sleep rooms, players resting/sleeping between am and pm training. The power of the nap is fully utilised by players.

When I ask equestrians about their own sleep habits and learn of disrupted sleep, little sleep and the false belief 8 hours sleep or more is needed. Research shows sleep is optimal in cycles of 90 minutes. Nick Littlehales, Elite Sports Sleep Coach and author of the Little Book of Sleep is my favourite sleep resource, sharing the latest knowledge and understanding of how we can optimise rest and sleep like a pro. A great addition to your reading list.

Tonight review your sleep mindset and subsequent habits around rest, for you and your horse.

Rest is the foundation to our physical and mental well-being.

Have you...

  1. Felt guilty for resting?

  2. Placed productivity over resting?

  3. Think 'busy' makes you more worthy and therefore more valued?

Now you know better, how will you do better?

What are your REST or SLEEP strategies?

When in the day do you rest?

Where do you rest in the day?

If sleep is one area of your physical and mental health you've neglected, what will you do this week to change quality or quantity of sleep? Notice the impact rest/sleep has on your riding and overall performance to routine and non-routine tasks.

Love to hear from you, share your thoughts here or on Saturday in a live with mental health expert Janine Allison at 11am BST in Coffee With Horse Lovers




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