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The Equestrian Coach Superpower

Day 4: UK Coaching Week

Coaches are vital for creating safe sport.

From restriction easing and increasing social contact (restrictions lifting) to returning to regional lockdown and loss. What does the landscape today look like for coaches?


The impact of unpredictability, uncertainty and loss of:

- life

- social connections

- business

- jobs

Is our collective grief.

Yet I believe 2020 is also a necessary catalyst for change.

Equestrian coaches, we have to pay attention to what is in front of us, not what just happened or what will happen, filtering others, finding creative ways to optimise 'presentness' - for clients on their personal pilgrimage to the 'House of Feel'.

Keeping our eyes open to how our horses actually feel is our coaching superpower.

Learning to accurately read how your horse feels, in the 'hear and now', is our coaching gift. Powered by Equitation Science (how horses learn, changing behaviour to get more of what you do want) your coach keeps you safe by gifting evidence based tools for effectively and ethically changing how your horse feels. Managing your horse's arousal thresholds becomes your superpower, according to your horse. Changing how your horse feels, from anxious to aroused is where our safety, learning and effectiveness grows so both your horse and you can experience a good life, not just one worth living.

Our Mind Always Matters

I believe we will be studying the collective impact of COVID-19 for a generation. Our mental health always matters. Staying safe mentally right now requires us all to stay in the 'hear and now'. Filter the news, comparisons, and "Im not enough" ness. Showing up not over-thinking , hanging on too tightly to pre-covid or worrying about after Covid, but moving moment to moment, day to day, is how we will stay safe mentally. Navigating uncertainty and uncontrollable change. I love the ability to adapt and respond to what is needed, and change. Grow. Evolve. But it takes practice. And right now, the 'COVID-19 win' for me are all the opportunities I get to practice my speed of adaption, response rate to change, whilst still gifting you my super power.

We can do hard things.

Stay safe, adaptive and kind




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