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The Sassy Serophin Cocktail

Are you accessing your free SS cocktail?

Creating your own free brain drugs is my definition of pro-active mental health in a pandemic.

Did you there is an independent UK nationwide service delivering psychological support to those who are, or have been on the frontline of Covid-19? I did't either, until I saw this infographic (see below) on social media, from Frontline19. What a fantastic resource explaining how we can enjoy a 'mental health cocktail' - not just for our frontline workers.

Thank you Frontline19 for this brilliant recourse explaining the different 'cocktails'

Today's World Mental Health blog is my spotlight on the fusion of two free brain drugs; Serotonin and Endorphin. Or as Ive fondly named it, because it's my favourite brain cocktail of all time...!

The Sassy Serophin

aka exercise!

This cocktail of drugs stabailises our rollercoaster of moods, especially in a pandemic. From walks in nature too swimming to cycling.

Do you exercise in addition to riding?

Running is all about my mental health.

I run for the endorphins that kick in at mile 1. Coupling running with listening to audio books and podcasts, I have found my optimal space for creativity. Slow, low heart rate runs. Here I have this flow of creative, off the wall, bat shit crazy at times, ideas. I think it's movement. It is a form of meditation to me. I get more creative which in turn releases another free drug! Dopamine, the reward based drug which makes me repeat the whole run/create thing all over again. Every single morning.

If you want to future proof your mental health why not start moving a little more tomorrow than you did today? I love my Polar watch because it measures my heart rate, but most smart watches now give you objective measures and feedback on your steps, calories, cadence and heart rate. Get measuring. Use these measures to build your curiosity, which through repetition of running/moving turns into a habit. Find out your wins from moving more. Im always looking at the little ways I can move more. From parking further away from the supermarket entrance, to taking the stairs over the escalators to breaking up my days with 15-30 min walks. All post my am runs.

Embrace Hardship

I also run at the other end of my heart -rate. I train polarised. Google it. I train to heart rate, mostly slow. How do you know what is your maximum low HR? Take 180 bpm and minus your age. I run to this heart rate for 30 min runs to hours.

The rest of my training is all out, hard AF. Here I access 170bpm for longer and longer durations. With hill interval training rapidly stretching my HR zones to 175 plus. Let's just say these are my hardship days. I value hardship. It reminds me of what I can do. What I am capable of. Hardship removes any ceilings I have placed on me.

A few years ago I used to train to speed and distance. Man I was a fool. Or back then, I did't know what I did't know! Ignorant to the latest in evidence based training for health, well-being and performance. I was in a running club. More was more. And in this echo chamber I just never heard about polarised training. Until I did. Thanks to a health expert Rob Cunliffe. Everything changed. I started to enjoy my running again! I was now running to an objective measure - my heart rate - and evidence based knowledge.

My equestrian coaching phylosophy.

If you want to learn the latest in evidence based knowledge in equitation come and join Espresso with Equicoach. My coaching mastermind where daily I add to a huge vault of content. Members come for content and stay for our safe, vibrant, diverse and enriching community - from all around the world.

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Keep 'drinking the Sassy Serophin's' and we will all get through this pandemic,





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