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What Makes An Elite Coach?

Day 6: UK Coaching Week

LIVE Questions to the Greats of Coaching – as UK Coaching Week 2020 is winding down, I pondered on the theme from UK Coaching - the elite coach Q & A. I thought about the word elite and decided another Lisa Style Live Q & A. No insta insight, I invited the brilliant Lorna Cameron for a Live Q & A in my equestrian community Coffee With Horse Lovers.

Join us as Lorna's shares her Lens on my blogging coaching content all week. From helping celebrating equestrian coaches pivot into technology to how to solve feelings of isolation as a freelance equestrian coach to sharing a new perspective on producing horses...

Watch below as I explain my definition of an 'elite' coach and why Lorna is my elite coach of 2020 UK Coaching Week.

See you in CWHL!




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